Ask for songs that you love

🙋 Ask for your favorite songs, let the DJ choose! Get notified when your song hits the speakers.

📮 Join a poll and vote on the next song to play. The song with the most votes wins!

Join event

The dj view

Dj demo event example

The guest view

Guest demo event example

Start an event

If you are a DJ planning a party.

  • Track your guests suggestions
  • Listen to song previews
  • Analyse your audience preferences

Create Polls

Start an event
  • Select up to 5 songs
  • Let guests vote for their favorite tunes
  • Play the most voted song!

The dj view of the poll

DJ poll example screenshot

The guest view of the poll

Guest poll example screenshot

How does it work?


Create an event and give it a name

event name example
event name example


Share a link, event code or QR code with your guests

share qr code
event name example

Receive requests

The guests ask for songs
You decide what to play

tracks list


For the first 3 events.

After which, it costs $5 for each event.