About JoinTheDJ

JoinTheDJ is a revolutionary platform that brings DJs and their audiences together in a seamless and interactive way. Our mission is to enhance the music experience for everyone involved, making it easier for DJs to connect with their fans and for fans to participate in the music selection process.

How It Works

As a DJ, you can both receive song suggestions or create polls for guests to vote on

Song suggestions

As a DJ, you can create events on JoinTheDJ and share a unique link or QR code with your audience. Your guests can then use this link or code to access your event and make song suggestions directly from their devices. They can search for any song online, listen to a preview, and submit their request with or without an email address to be notified when their song is played.

On your end, you'll see all the song requests live in the platform, complete with previews and BPM information. You have full control over the music selection, allowing you to choose which songs to play and when. You only play what you want. Additionally, you can manage the requests, keeping the event organized and flowing smoothly.


As a DJ, you also have the option to create polls for your audience. This feature allows you to present a list of songs and let your guests vote on their favorites. You can set up polls before or during your event, and once you activate a poll everyone that is on the guest event page can vote. The polls provide real-time results, enabling you to gauge the crowd's preferences and tailor your set accordingly.

Statistics and Analytics

JoinTheDJ provides valuable insights into your events through comprehensive statistics and analytics. You can track the number of song requests received, view the most requested artists and songs, and gather valuable data to better understand your audience's preferences.

Join the Movement

With JoinTheDJ, you can take your DJ performance to new heights by engaging your audience like never before. Join us today and experience the future of interactive music events!

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